Who are we?

Who are we?

Hi there!

I’m Stéphanie, in 2019 I became a mom of 2 beautiful twin boys and since their birth, I’ve grown to be even more conscious about the environment and the world they will be growing up in.

Apart from buying a lot of baby supplies second handed, I wanted to make sure that the new things I bought were also very durable. That’s how my interest for recycled fabric has grown. Organic cotton is already a big step in the good direction, but I want to take it further with recycled fabric, recycled cotton – and in this way using as much as possible what is already there on our big planet.

That’s how “Ridges and Steam” was born – reflecting my love for the mountains and nature in general (Ridges) and my passion for this project (Steam) ;-). And fun fact: it also reflects the nicknames of my husband and I 😊

With ‘Ridges & Steam’ I’m hoping people will choose our recycled basics over non-recycled ones and this way we’re one little step closer to a better world with at least a little bit less waste.

Big kiss,


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