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Ridges And Steam

Gym bag 'Take me to the sea' + Nawaro Textile wax crayons

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For creative adventurous kids! 
Gym bag made from recycled cotton

Create your own personal gymbag with the following easy steps:
1) Get our recycled cotton gym bag with the drawing you like
2) Wash it first at 30-40°C
3) Let your kid go wild on creativity with the sustainable textile wax crayons
4) Cover their masterpiece with absorbing (news)paper and iron from the backside (without steam) until no more color adheres to paper.
5) Iron it from the front side without paper
6) Ready to use!
7) When it gets dirty again (we all know how it goes with kids ;-)), wait at least 2 days after the initial colouring to wash the painted textile at 30-40°C over and over again with a mild detergent without bleaching agents.

Pickup available at Hippoliet Van Peenestraat

Usually ready in 24 hours