Hi there!

I'm Stéphanie, founder of Ridges & Steam. In 2019 I became a mom of 2 beautiful twin boys and ever since their birth, I've grown even more conscious about the environment and the importance of sustainable living. We've got an impact on the world they'll be growing up in.

So I started buying almost all the baby supplies second hand. Then COVID came and I wanted to do something with my extra time. And, as I'm really into second hand, it still is fun to buy something new from time to time, so the idea of Ridges & Steam came to live: I started looking into recylced options for clothes. Something new and yet 'old': by means of recycling, we are using what is already available on this planet.

Check our Sustainability page to find out more about what we do to be as sustainable as possible.


I love travelling, discovering the world; Nature & adventure.

All embroideries are linked to different themes like Take me to the Sea, Camping Bliss, Snowplay & Picnic time

Share your passion too by wearing our T-shirts & sweaters.



What else is nicer than sharing your passion(s) with your loved ones, young or old?

We created our products in sizes from baby to kid to teen & adult, so everyone can be inspired.

You like twinning? Plenty of possiblities here! ;-)