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Hi there!

I’m Stéphanie, in 2019 I became a mom of 2 beautiful twin boys and since their birth, I’ve grown to be even more conscious about the environment and the world they will be growing up in.

Apart from buying a lot of baby supplies second handed, I wanted to make sure that the new things I bought were also very durable. That’s how my interest for recycled fabric has grown. Organic cotton is already a big step in the good direction, but I want to take it further with recycled fabric, recycled cotton – and in this way using as much as possible what is already there on our big planet.

That’s how “Ridges and Steam” was born – reflecting my love for the mountains and nature in general (Ridges) and my passion for this project (Steam) ;-). And fun fact: it also reflects the nicknames of my husband and I 😊

With ‘Ridges & Steam’ I’m hoping people will choose our recycled basics over non-recycled ones and this way we’re one little step closer to a better world with at least a little bit less waste.

Big kiss, Stéphanie

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With 1 sweater*, you save...

*based on 1 sweater of 450g 

6700 liters of water

These 6700 liters would have been used to water the cotton plants...

10 kg of CO2

10kg CO2 is not emitted into nature

5m2 of land use

If it would be made from traditional cotton, we would have needed 5m2 of cotton lands, for 1 sweater.

1 kg of chemicals

1 kg of chemicals for farming cotton fields were not spread into nature.


Our full collection is made from recycled cotton, made by our partner Recover (www.recoverfiber.com)
They start by cutting post and pre-consumer waste into small pieces, of which they make new fibers and later on threads and  fabrics. Then, our production partner in Portugal creates the actual collections, with this Recover fabric.

Recover makes the lowest impact recycled cotton fiber in the global market (Best HIGG MSI scores).

Our products do not contain any polyester. Apart from the labels and the embroideries, our product is 100% recyclable. You could even cut the labels & embrodieries out before recycling.
But please enjoy your product for a lifetime first, because they were designed to last! ;-)

And also our packaging is 100% sustainable

We didn’t only want to go for recycled cotton, but we wanted to pursue this in the whole chain from us to you

Therefore, we use biodegradable, compostable bags to pack your products in the factory.

When we send the product to you, we do that in recycled FSC-certified cardboard boxes.
Also our 'Thank you cards' are 100% recycled paper and FSC-certified.

Our certifications

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