All our products are made from
recycled and organic cotton. Everything is ethically produced in a female family owned business in Portugal, so the value chain is kept as local as possible too.

Our products are pre-washed and pre-shrunk, so you can cherish them for a long (life)time.

  • water-drop-png-white - Ridges And Steam

    6700 liters of water

    These 6700 liters would have been used to water the cotton plants...

  • 10 kg of CO2

    10kg CO2 is not emitted into nature

  • 5m2 of land use

    If it would be made from traditional cotton, we would have needed 5m2 of cotton lands, for 1 sweater.

  • 1 kg of chemicals

    1 kg of chemicals for farming cotton fields were not spread into nature.

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Our full collection is made from recycled cotton. This is made from pre-and post-consumer waste, which is cut into small pieces. New fibers are made with these pieces, combined with organic cotton to make sure the end result still has the best quality.

Cutting, sewing and embroiedering our collections is done in a fair way in Portugal by a women-owned family business.

Our products are 100% cotton and therefore also 100% recyclable. But please enjoy your product for a lifetime first, because they were designed to last! ;-)


We didn’t only want to go for recycled cotton in our clothes, but we wanted to pursue this in the whole chain from us to you. We use biodegradable, compostable bags to pack your products in the factory and when we send the product to you, we do that in recycled FSC-certified cardboard boxes. All paper uses is 100% recycled paper and FSC-certified.

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